Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Video Review

Aguilar, E. (2008). Deep Learning: An Interview with Elena Aguilar. Retrieved October 14, 2008, from The George Lucas Foundation: Edutopia Website: http://www.edutopia.org/elena-aguilar-integrated-studies-video

After viewing the video “Deep Learning: An Interview with Elena Aguilar”, I completely support her teaching style in the classroom. She is using interactive method with the students in the classroom at the different levels on different contexts: Math, History and Science. Ms. Aguilar increases her effectiveness in teaching students by utilizing additional research methods, internet searches, asking colleagues questions, and reading various material (books, magazines, etc.). Ms Aguilar stated that when she starts her lesson plan, she needs to set up an assessment addressing: 1) What do the students need to understand? 2) How do I know if they understand? 3) Set up rubric/assessment measures before developing units? and 4) Use formative assessment: Decide if the lesson plan appears effective or not. She also explained that she uses external facts information in the classroom for the students to use skills in persuasive writing, creative writing and debate with other students on the topics. Additionally, Ms. Aguilar’s classroom management is taking time on each unit with the students until they understand the topic completely.
Her teaching style is and would be excellent for Deaf and hard of hearing students because it is critical for the learning process that each unit is addressed with appropriate time management. Teaming up with other teachers is also the best thing to do in providing students all information as much as possible (wraparound approach). Unfortunately, I have seen teachers make comments about working with their peers: 1) not have enough time. 2) prefer to work alone. 3) do not want to change the lesson plan, etc.
I strongly recommend others to view this video because this is what we need to do in order to improve educational approaches for the students -especially with The No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act that was signed into law in January of 2002.

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